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Pilgrim Trail Multistage route

Stråsjöleden pilgrim trail, from Korsholmen to Kilkoja, 16 stages

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  • Gröntjärn, Stråsjöleden
    / Gröntjärn, Stråsjöleden
    Photo: Erika Wachenfeldt, Pilgrimstid
  • / Leaderprojekt för Stråsjöleden på Paxwalks digitala kartor
    Photo: Elisabeth Andersson, Pilgrimstid
  • / Vy ifrån Örtagården vid Stråsjökapell
    Photo: Erika Wachenfeldt, Pilgrimstid
  • / A rest along the Stråsjöleden pilgrim trail
    Photo: Tore Lind, Pilgrimstid
  • / Stråsjöleden pilgrim trail, west of the chapel of Stråsjö
    Photo: Mats Jäderberg, Pilgrimstid
  • / View from the folk museum of Haverö (Hembygdsgården)
    Photo: Elisabeth Andersson, Pilgrimstid
m 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 -100 250 200 150 100 50 km Mockastorp Forsa kyrka Rätans Camping Sandvik, gamla skolan Gröntjärn, Ljusdals kommun Haverö kyrka Ramsjö Camping Stråsjö kapell Trogsta Honung Nirsgård ICA Nära, Forsa
Stråsjöleden pilgrim trail, one of the Saint Olav roads, from sea to sea, across the wild Scandinavian peninsula! The hike starts at the Swedish coast and then continues through villages and deep forests, following the beautiful lakes and flowing rivers and up to the high mountains - the Swedish "fjäll" - where the trail connects to the longer trail; Helgonleden - The Trail of Saints - from Uppsala towards Trondheim.
271.4 km
68:10 h
2,272 m
1,814 m
The pilgrim trail Stråsjöleden is most of the time very easy to walk, since it runs on old trails or minor roads. Here you will experience both the scenery of the coast along northern Sweden, Jungfrukusten - The Virgin Coast - and the large, red-painted traditional farmhouses of Hälsingland, the deep forests with its fragrance of pine and spruce and the lakes that mirror the colours from the blue mountains. You will meet the province of Hälsingland; a diverse and beautiful province. Also, you will come across a part of the province of Medelpad, by the streaming water in Haverö - Haverö Strömmar - and the lake system surrounding it. In the province of Jämtland, you will reach the high mountains – the Swedish "fjäll" – before you eventually continue on Helgonleden – the Saints Trail – following the ancient paths of the Kårböle Trail. You are hereby invited to a memorable walk along Stråsjöleden!

This pilgrim trail, Stråsjöleden, is a part of the European Cultural Trails, "Saint Olav Roads", certified for the mark of Saint Olav by the Swedish National Association Pilgrim i Sverige.


Highest point
485 m
Lowest point
1 m


61.423088, 17.178154
61°25'23.1"N 17°10'41.4"E
33V 616222 6811854


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61.423088, 17.178154
61°25'23.1"N 17°10'41.4"E
33V 616222 6811854
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Elisabeth Andersson
July 11, 2019 · Paxwalk
Stråsjöleden är härlig, omväxlande, visar verkligen Hälsinglands kust, skog, byar och gårdar, de fantastiska Dellensjöarna!
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271.4 km
2,272 m
1,814 m


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  • 16 Stages
Stage 1
22.2 km
5:28 h
53 m
32 m

Here on the wide Swedish coast, you begin your hike in an area with several ancient remains like cairns from the Bronze Age, which indicate that ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 2
10.6 km
2:38 h
61 m
59 m

Stråsjöleden runs from sea to sea – from the coast of Hälsingland to Nidaros, Trondheim, in Norway. It is a Saint Olav road, with the status of a ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Top moderate Stage 3
21.3 km
5:28 h
140 m
133 m

This distance from the medieval church of Njutånger provides both the experience of walking through countryside and agriculture past the great ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 4
11.2 km
2:51 h
49 m
11 m

The stage starts at the Catholic Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Next to the chapel is the old flax mill factory from the end of the 19th ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 5
22.7 km
5:53 h
174 m
203 m

The starting point of the stage is Hälsingegården, Nirsgård. The hike continues west along Sördellen and past the church of Norrbo up to ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 6
15.6 km
4:02 h
199 m
46 m

The starting point of the stage is the Summer Home Dellenbaden in Bjuråker's parish, Hudiksvall. Just west of Dellenbaden there are several nice ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
moderate Stage 7
9.3 km
2:24 h
66 m
70 m

Stråsjöleden runs from sea to sea – from the coast of Hälsingland to Nidaros, Trondheim, in Norway. It is a Saint Olav road, with the status of a ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 8
15.4 km
4:02 h
161 m
134 m

One of the finest stages of Stråsjöleden! Just next to the trail is Gladbäcksögat (The Eye of Gladbäck); a spring that flows up, and in a few ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 9
14.2 km
3:39 h
103 m
108 m

The trail of Stråsjö passes through forests and past a couple of farms to the campsite in Hennan. During opening hours, there is both food and ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 10
19.1 km
4:54 h
134 m
114 m

This stage of Stråsjöleden starts at the camping site in Hennan, and continues past villages and forests to Tallnäs.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 11
9.9 km
2:28 h
20 m
30 m

In this stage, Stråsjöleden continues on the western beach of the lake Hennan to Ramsjö - a charming community with a small, but well-sorted ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 12
19.9 km
4:59 h
200 m
22 m

Stråsjöleden continues west through the forest to Flomyr, on small roads where no service can be found. Bring a steady lunch pack and maybe a tent, ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 13
27.7 km
6:51 h
62 m
196 m

At this stage, Stråsjöleden reaches the church of Haverö. Before you reach the church, you will wander through Haverö Streams, a beautiful nature ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
moderate Stage 14
15.1 km
3:42 h
51 m
33 m

Stråsjöleden follows the beaches of Havern towards Överturingen. Here you will find a store with service. 

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 15
21.6 km
5:27 h
249 m
154 m

Stråsjöleden continues through areas with rich forests and waterways. When you arrive at Rätan, you will find a store, a church beautifully ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 16
16.4 km
4:09 h
211 m
110 m

Stråsjöleden is getting closer to the large wild forests of the northern part of Sweden and the high mountains – ”fjällvärlden”. You will witness ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
: h
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