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Helgonleden, The Saints Trail

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  • Portugues Pilgrim Duarte in Segersta, Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    / Portugues Pilgrim Duarte in Segersta, Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    Photo: Duarte Nuno Antunes, Pilgrimstid
  • / Portugues Pilgrim Duarte in Arbrå, Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    Photo: Duarte Nuno Antunes, Pilgrimstid
  • / Portugues Pilgrim Duarte in Färila, Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    Photo: Duarte Nuno Antunes, Pilgrimstid
  • / Portugues Pilgrim Duarte by river Ljusnan, Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    Photo: Duarte Nuno Antunes, Pilgrimstid
  • / Portugues Pilgrim Duarte arriving in Trondheim, Norway, by Helgonleden, Route of the Saints
    Photo: Duarte Nuno Antunes, Pilgrimstid
  • / Helgonleden mot Växbo
    Photo: Erika Wachenfeldt, Pilgrimstid
  • / Leader-Projects with Paxwalk digital maps
    Photo: Elisabeth Andersson, Pilgrimstid
  • / The Saint's Trail, The Trail of Gästrike
    Photo: Mats Jäderberg, Pilgrimstid
  • / The eastern portal of the Cathedral of Uppsala, with the Saint Olav
    Photo: Kurt W Nyberg, Kurt W Nyberg
  • / The old school of Mårtsbo, seen from Gamla Mårtsbovägen
    Photo: Mårtsbo, Mårtsbo
  • / Pilgrimsleden i Hälsingland: Helgonleden, Underviks kyrka till Järvsö kyrka
    Video: Outdooractive
  • / An exciting signpost - a pilgrim, perhaps?
    Photo: Elisabeth Andersson, Pilgrimstid
  • / The Catholic Church of Saint Paulus, Gävle
    Photo: Sankt Pauli församling, Sankt Pauli församling
  • / The Virgin Mary's statue in the chapel of the Catholic Church of S:t Pauli
    Photo: Pilgrimstid
  • / The House of Music - Musikhuset - in Sjömanskyrkan, Gävle
    Photo: CC0
  • / Gefle Vandrarhem, the courtyard
    Photo: Gefle vandrarhem, Gefle vandrarhem
  • / The bridge over Gavleån, Gävle
    Photo: Mats Jäderberg, Pilgrimstid
  • / Helgonleden, Växbo
    Photo: Erika Wachenfeldt, Pilgrimstid
  • / The Saint's Trail, between Oppala and Trödje
    Photo: Elisabeth Andersson, Pilgrimstid
  • / Towards Sylsjön
    Photo: Gertrud Abramsson, Pilgrimstid
  • / Trondheimsfjorden
    Photo: Stein Thue, Stein Thue, Norge
  • / Golden Cathedral
    Photo: Paxwalk
  • / Helgonleden, Torsborg
    Video: Falcon Foton
m 800 600 400 200 -200 500 400 300 200 100 km Kårböle - Church of Sacrifice Järvsö kyrka Hille Parish House Vindskydd norr om Klövsjö Kårböle skans Björke Kiosken Lötens handel, Rengsjö Bergby Krog

Helgonleden - The Northern stages

Helgonleden runs from coast to coast, from Uppsala and the Virgin Coast in Gävleborg along the beaches of the river Ljusnan, through villages, over mountains and through expansive forests, across the mountains towards the beautiful coast of Norway and to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, in the fjord beside the Atlantic.

Helgonleden can also be hiked to Uppsala, and along the Ingegerdsleden (Ingegerd's Trail) to Stockholm, Tyresö, and the Sörmlandsleden (Sörmland Trail) down towards the pilgrimslederna (pilgrim trails) at Vadstena. From there, the Birgittaleden (Birgitta Trail) can be followed to Lund and via pilgrimage routes through Denmark and Germany down to Cologne. The trails then continue to Santiago de Compostela, Rome or Jerusalem!

516.7 km
126:06 h
2,677 m
2,125 m

Helgonleden’s route

You can join Helgonleden in Uppsala and Stockholm via Ingegerdsleden – or from Finland and Grisslehamn in the Åland islands from the Vikingaleden (Viking Trail) from Grisslehamn to Älvkarleby. St Olav Waterway!

The trail passes through Gävle, Hille, Hamrånge, Skog, Rengsjö, Arbrå and then continues along the valleys of the Ljusnan River. Undersvik, Järvsö, Färila, Kårböle, Ytterhogdal, Överhogdal, Klaxåsen, Klövsjö, Storsjö kapell, Ljungdalen and then across the mountains to Stugudal in Norway. The route joins several other trails, such as the Kårböleleden, JämtNorgevägen and near the Norwegian border, the trails merge with Romboleden, down towards Nidaros Cathedral and the fjord of Trondheim.

The name Helgonleden
The supposed birthplaces of Holy Birgitta, Finsta, Saint Erik in Uppsala, Saint Karlung in Roslagen, Saint Staffan in Hälsingland and finally Saint Olof in Nidaros all contributed to the name Helgonleden.

Even Saint Anna of Novgorod, Ingegerd, through the Ingegerdsleden can be "a saint on the road", the Saints trail! The name is relatively new, dating from the beginning of the 21st century, but the route is ancient.

Information and maps

Information and advice before the hike:

For digital maps, see:


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Updated: March 05, 2021
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60.565463, 17.437400
60°33'55.7"N 17°26'14.6"E
33V 633605 6716863


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60.565463, 17.437400
60°33'55.7"N 17°26'14.6"E
33V 633605 6716863
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516.7 km
126:06 h
2,677 m
2,125 m


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Maps and trails
  • 30 Stages
Stage 1
15 km
3:43 h
30 m
16 m

The Saints Trail begins in Uppland, from Uppsala. There is also a connection from Roslagen, Grisslehamn, the Viking Trail. The Älvkarleby-Mårtsbo ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Top moderate Stage 2
13.5 km
3:16 h
7 m
40 m

A nice and easy walk, initially following the trail of Gästrike (Gästrikeleden), from Mårtsbo to Hemlingby. After this, the trail continues through ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 3
20.6 km
5:02 h
30 m
26 m

The stage starts in the middle of Gävle, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, and goes through the city, on pedestrian and bicycle paths towards the ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 4
18.6 km
4:33 h
15 m
22 m

An easy walk and nice stretch that largely follows the Path of Kristina (Kristinastigen). According to the tradition, Kristinastigen was built on ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 5
9.9 km
2:28 h
58 m
27 m

Helgonleden initially runs from the church of Hamrånge in Bergby, through the centre there, with the shops and restaurants, and then continues on ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 6
12.4 km
2:56 h
84 m
54 m

From Viksjö, the stage runs to Småströmmarna on gravel roads and from time to time grass roads, through colorful forests with a scent of wildlife, ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 7
15.1 km
3:49 h
64 m
62 m

The stage runs on small roads through the forest, past several beautiful sights and lakes, and the old mountain farm of Hamnäs, to Staffansstenen, ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 8 open
8.2 km
2:03 h
14 m
38 m

The stage starts at Staffansstenen, Själstuga, where according to several chronicles, Sankt Staffan, the apostle of Hälsingland, was killed.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 9
20.9 km
5:20 h
280 m
277 m

Helgonleden follows the beach of Bergviken - take the time to savour the view of the blue mountains before the trail enters into the forest, past ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 10
7.7 km
1:56 h
46 m
44 m

In this stage, Helgonleden runs between the two churches of Hanebo and Segersta. It is a quite easy stage to hike.

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 11
18.3 km
4:53 h
284 m
212 m

In this stage, Helgonleden runs through a changing and exciting landscape with large forest areas. The stage contains a few areas with rising ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 12
10.2 km
2:35 h
75 m
91 m

  This stage of Helgonleden starts at the Church of Rengsjö and continues into the west. The stage leads through acres and far fields, beautiful ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 13
18 km
4:32 h
136 m
135 m

The stage starts in Växbo and runs through agricultural countryside and forests towards Ljusnan, one of Norrland's great rivers – a wide, wild and ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 14
20.1 km
5:25 h
353 m
331 m

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 15
22.9 km
5:51 h
179 m
179 m

From the Church of Undersvik and Stiftsgården, Undersvik, you follow small roads along Ljusnan to Järvsö.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 16
26.4 km
6:44 h
156 m
106 m

A pleasant – but quite long – stage to hike if you want to experience the beautiful countryside of Hälsingland! Here, The Saints Trail runs from ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 17
16.9 km
4:14 h
70 m
47 m

From the Church of Färila, the trail runs down through the centre of Färila. Near the campsite you will find the Fleet Path (Flottarstigen) that ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 18
16.5 km
4:12 h
80 m
69 m

From Hovra the Saints Trail runs along the river Ljusnan. Hovra is a small village with a lot of local history in its blocks and buildings, ...

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Stage 19
23.5 km
5:52 h
146 m
120 m

WARNING! There was a large forest fire here in the summer of 2018, and in the affected nature, there is a danger of falling trees. From Lassekrog ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 20
10.9 km
2:43 h
49 m
45 m

From Kårböle, Helgonleden follows the trail of Kårböle north, along the north-eastern beach of Ljusnan, up to the old school of Huskölen, where you ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 21
23.5 km
5:45 h
60 m
22 m

The stage Huskölen to Ytterhogdal follows the trail of Kårböle, along Ljusnan and after this, the lakes on the north of it, up to Ytterhogdal.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Härjedalen
Helgonleden, Ytterhogdal till Överhogdal
Stage 22
18.4 km
3:01 h
59 m
33 m

Helgonleden går vidare norrut genom Härjedalen och följer den gamla Kårböleleden, mot Överhogdal.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Härjedalen
Helgonleden, Överhogdal till Vitvattnet
Stage 23
14 km
3:33 h
159 m
72 m

Helgonleden fortsätter att följa Kårböleleden genom Härjedalen.   

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Jämtland
Helgonleden, Vitvattnet till Klaxåsen
Stage 24
14.3 km
3:30 h
73 m
48 m

Helgonleden följer här Kårböleleden, den är uppmärkt med stolpar, Sankt Olofsmärket.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Jämtland
Helgonleden, Klaxåsen till Kilkojan
Stage 25
13.7 km
3:32 h
202 m
139 m

Klaxåsen-Kilkojan, Helgonleden följer här Kårböleleden.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Jämtland
Helgonleden, Kilkoja till Klövsjö
Stage 26
13.1 km
3:14 h
78 m
35 m

Här vandrar vi den sista etappen på Kårböleleden, den gamla leden  som Helgonleden följer. Stora skogsområden ända in mot Klövsjö, där kyrka och ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Jämtland
Helgonleden, Klövsjö till Höltjärn
Stage 27
23.8 km
5:53 h
10 m
64 m

Från Klövsjö går Helgonleden vidare längs Klövsjöns sydvästra strand.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Pilgrim Trail · Jämtland
Helgonleden, Höltjärn till Torsborg
Stage 28
34 km
8:29 h
275 m
222 m

Mycket skog, mycket vatten, vackert!Leden är här omärkt, men följ Paxwalks karta, gärna utskriven och nedladdad i förväg! Nu närmar sig ...

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 29
12.7 km
3:09 h
84 m
14 m

Helgonleden går in mot JämtNorgevägen. Den går långa sträckor längs sjöar och vattendrag.

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
Stage 30
18 km
4:25 h
41 m
51 m

Nu kommer Helgonleden in på JamtNorgevägen  

from Elisabeth Andersson,   Paxwalk
: h
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