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The Viking Trail (Sweden) a part of the St Olav Waterway

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  • Vikingaleden från Grisslehamn, 12 etapper genom Roslagen, Uppland till Älvkarleby där tar Helgonleden tar vid.
    / Vikingaleden från Grisslehamn, 12 etapper genom Roslagen, Uppland till Älvkarleby där tar Helgonleden tar vid.
    Photo: Annette Lindstrom, Paxwalk
  • / Vandra ensam eller tillsammans med vänner du träffar på leden.
    Photo: Annette Lindstrom, Paxwalk
  • / Järnboden Harg: Hitta ditt eget smultronställe efter vägen.
    Photo: Annette Lindstrom, Paxwalk
  • / Vikingaleden – En vandringsled med pilgrimsstatus
    Video: Paxwalk
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The Viking trail leads you from Grisslehamn to Älvkarleby in the north where the Saints Trail runs toward Trondheim.  The trail is part of the St Olav Waterway and meets the pilgrim’s trail running from Åbo through the Finnish archipelago with its last leg towards Sweden at Eckerö.
222.5 km
56:05 h
255 m
255 m
The pilgrim’s way runs through beautiful parts of the Roslagen area of Sweden and Uppland. The small fishing village of Grisslehamn, at the gateway to the Sea of Åland, is the first stage of the Viking Trail. Along the way you will enjoy wild nature, a living countryside, churches, iron works villages as well as rare types of flora and fauna. At Älvkarleby the trail connects to Helgonleden and you may choose to continue in the footsteps of St Olav on to Trondheim. 

Take time to spend some extra days in the areas you passing by. Read more about Roslagen. You can always get some help from our local Touristinformation

Author’s recommendation

Be sure to book accommodation a few days ahead. Summer months are busy , whilst some companies are open by request only during spring and autumn. 

Thanks to Sweden’s right to roam (‘Allemansrätten’), you’re allowed to stay the night in a tent, provided your chosen spot is not too near houses or in protected land such as certain nature reserves.

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Updated: March 05, 2021
Highest point
66 m
Lowest point
4 m
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Safety information

The route is mainly along dirt roads, paths, tracks and secondary tarmacked roads. When walking along roads without pavements or cycle paths, please walk on the left side, facing the direction of traffic and be aware of oncoming cars.


Part 6 of the Viking Trail joins the Upplandsleden trail. From there on you need to follow signs and directions for Upplandsleden. The complementing colour markings for the Viking Trail are dark red and appears together with the cross of St Olav.


Please remember to replenish food and drinks at the more longer stages of the trail. There is usually drinking water and public toilets by the churches. Look for signs for safe drinking water. 

You can read about your rights and responsibilities according to everyman's right.


In case of emergency or illness call 112.  Healthcare information for minor ailments can be found by calling 1177 or visiting on the internet.

Tips and hints

Please join us at FB. The group is for you who want to explore more at the Viking Trail. 


Welcome to contact our Tourist Information in Roslagen. 


Historically, pilgrims used to walk in the footsteps of St Olav from Novogorod in Russia, through Finland and Sweden, to Nidaros in Norway, today known as the city of Trondheim.


Grisslehamn (in the harbor), Roslagen, Sweden (11 m)
60.097350, 18.812159
60°05'50.5"N 18°48'43.8"E
34V 378340 6664266


Älvkarleby, Laxön, the parkinglot by the Touristhotel Älvkarleby.


all notes on protected areas


60.097350, 18.812159
60°05'50.5"N 18°48'43.8"E
34V 378340 6664266
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


How do I estimate the time it will take me to walk the distance? About 3 kilometers per hour is a realistic estimate, but time should be added to make room for stopping at a nice vantage point. It is during the breaks, while you are enjoying nature, that your batteries will be recharged for further walking.

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222.5 km
56:05 h
255 m
255 m
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Maps and trails
  • 12 Stages
Top easy Stage 1 open
8.2 km
2:07 h
118 m
98 m

At Grisslehamn the Viking trail, which is part of the St Olav Waterway, meets the pilgrim’s trail running from Åbo through the Finnish archipelago ...

Top moderate Stage 2 open
8.7 km
2:10 h
17 m
22 m

At the Trästa bridge, old paths and roads lead through woodland and pastures, passing by old foundations, stone walls and settlement-remains, to ...

Top easy Stage 3 open
9.1 km
2:18 h
88 m
96 m

This part starts at Häverö church. This church is very special with its large amount of paintings depicting historical people and events.   

Top easy Stage 4 open
14.9 km
3:45 h
47 m
48 m

The Viking trail follows the old country road running parallel to the new road RV 76.  Feel the history as you walk along the old road out of ...

from Annette Lindstrom,   Paxwalk
Top easy Stage 5 open
16.9 km
4:15 h
73 m
42 m

An enjoyable walk through typical Roslagen scenery – alternating between pine and mixed woodland, sandy and wooden paths. 

from Visit Roslagen,   Paxwalk
Top easy Stage 6 open
14.2 km
3:35 h
36 m
70 m

Start out south of the beautiful medieval Harg church. A walk through varied landscape, mostly on gravel roads.  

Top moderate Stage 7 open
23.7 km
5:50 h
91 m
53 m

This stretch runs between two beautiful old ironworks villages typical of Uppland. You will have a walk through varied woodlands and over ...

Top moderate Stage 8
18.8 km
4:45 h
78 m
66 m

You are leaving the ironworks area, wandering into the wilderness of large forests and bogland. The area is called Florarna and is a beautiful, ...

Stage 9
16.2 km
4:05 h
32 m
45 m

Den pittoreska lilla gården Risön ligger i norra delen av Florarnas naturreservat. 

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Map / Vikingaleden etapp 10, Lövstabruk till Västland (motsvarar Upplandsleden etapp 14)
Stage 10
19.4 km
4:44 h
77 m
86 m

För fullständig etappbeskrivning se Upplandsleden  

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Map / Vikingaleden etapp 11, Västland till Marma (motsvarar Upplandsleden etapp 15)
Stage 11
16.5 km
4:00 h
38 m
31 m

För fullständig etappbeskrivning se Upplandsleden

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
Map / Vikingaleden, Marma till Älvkarleby
Stage 12
13.3 km
3:20 h
37 m
47 m

from Paxwalk,   Paxwalk
: h
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