Vikingaleden en del av St Olav Waterway


The Viking Trail (Sweden) a part of the St Olav Waterway

June 14, 2021 · Community
Mao of Viking trail is showing something else, maybe Roslagsleden. Is there an actual map of Viking trail?

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Answered by Annette Lindström · June 14, 2021 · Community
Dear Vicki, on each stage/part of Vikingaleden you choose download a map or gpscoordinates. Stage 1 start where Roslagsleden end. Maybe that is why. Use the app Outdooractive if you can. There is no papermap for the moment. Regards Annette Visit Roslagen
Answered by Vicki B · June 14, 2021 · Community
Thank you, and I know that. I was wondering about the map directed from the search ”Viking trail”, to get an over all view. It doesn’t show Viking trail.
Answered by Vicki B · June 14, 2021 · Community
(And that should be mentioned on the button or somewhere near)
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