Pilgrim trails in the Nordic countries

Pilgrim trails in Sweden and the Nordic countries

In the Nordic countries there are many different Pilgrim trails and holy places. Among the many historic sites S:t Birgitta's abbey in Vadstena, Sweden, S:t Olav's Cathedral in Nidaros, Norway, and the Cathedrals in Roskilde, Denmark, Åbo, Finland, Lund and Uppsala, Sweden, can be mentioned. The routes invite the Pilgrim to discover the natural beauty and peacefulness of the Nordic countries. They can be both shorter and longer, sometimes they are created in modern times but often they follow ancient pilgrim paths. 



Paxwalk is a Pilgrim organization that aims at gathering Nordic pilgrim routes at one place - for the benefit of the pilgrim! Our hope is to unite people and to make it easier to find the way! We co-operate with Pilgrim i Sverige, the Swedish Pilgrim's association. Those who wish to become members or give a contribution to our work are welcome to contact us! For more information about Paxwalk

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